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As an experienced recruitment agency, we understand the urgency of promptly meeting your staffing needs.


Our dedicated team of healthcare recruiters is adept at swiftly and efficiently addressing your staffing needs.


We excel in sourcing talent across various nursing, allied health, and general practice roles.


We pride ourselves on providing a first-class efficient service to employers and candidates.

Why IG?

We leverage unique, broad resources and tools, setting us apart. This allows us to tap into an extensive network of healthcare professionals and acquire valuable industry insights.


With our understanding of healthcare, we streamline talent acquisition through a customer-centric, data-driven approach. This ensures efficient and effective solutions, tailored to meet our clients’ needs promptly and accurately.


Our Recruitment Services

We offer a range of customised services, with strong expertise in temporary recruitment services – a proven, professional, and efficient approach that consistently yields high-quality candidates.


We assist with various aspects including search, compliance processes, billing, and more. Throughout the entire process, we manage every facet of the care, delivering personalised and confidential services aligned with your budget and timelines.

Access diverse talent pools through extensive partnerships, streamlined operations, and gain swift access to talent with omnichannel approaches.

Receive dedicated support in sourcing, tap into vat talent networks, and find passionate individuals aligned with your organisations vision.

The Benefits


Speed &

Comprehensive Support


Secure Your Next Healthcare Job

We grasp the significance and challenges of navigating your career path. With numerous potential opportunities to explore, we strive to streamline the process of securing your next dream job, ensuring efficiency and ease every step of the way.


Leveraging our extensive network of industry relationships, we’re uniquely positioned to stay ahead of the curve, providing insights into current and forthcoming opportunities in the market.


Our services come at no cost to you. If you’re a qualified healthcare professional seeking your next role, we are here to guide you towards that perfect position you’ve been seeking.

The Benefits




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Latest Jobs

Healthcare Assistant

Ipswich, Suffolk
£11-£17 per hour
Temporary / Full Time

Occupatuonal Therapist

Leeds, West Yorkshire
£32-£36 per hour
Temporary / Full Time

Registered General Nurse

Coventry, West Midlands
£35-£42 per hour
Temporary / Full Time

Support Worker

Chelmsford, Essex
£13-£18 per hour
Temporary / Full Time

Positive Relationships

What Our Clients & Candidates Say


We have placed almost every type of healthcare professional there is, but our most popular healthcare jobs are AHPs (Physiotherapists, Radiographer, Occupational Therapists etc). If you can’t see the perfect role on our website, contact us and we will help you find it.

For candidates, using a recruitment agency is free. There can occasionally be costs if you need additional training and compliance, but this is always clearly communicated, and you will never pay anything you haven’t agreed to.
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Ready to Take the Next Step in
Your Healthcare Career?

Submit your CV today and let us help you find the perfect
opportunity to grow and excel in the healthcare industry