7th Day of IG Recruitmas

For the seventh day of Recruitmas, we are sharing 12 tips on how to ask for a pay rise.


Know Your Worth:

Research industry standards and salary ranges for your position and experience level to understand your market value.


Highlight Your Contributions:

Compile a list of your achievements, contributions, and added value to the company. Quantify results wherever possible.


Timing is Key:

Choose the right moment for the discussion, such as after completing a successful project or during performance reviews.


Prepare a Compelling Case:

Craft a persuasive case for your pay rise, outlining how your contributions align with the company’s goals and successes.


Be Confident and Assertive:

Approach the conversation confidently and assertively, emphasizing your value to the organisation.


Practice the Conversation:

Rehearse your key points to feel more comfortable and articulate during the discussion with your manager.


Focus on Future Contributions:

Highlight how a pay increase will motivate you to continue delivering exceptional results and contribute further.


Consider Additional Benefits:

Discuss other benefits like extra vacation days or professional development opportunities if a salary increase isn’t immediately feasible.


Be Open to Negotiation:

Be prepared for a discussion rather than a one-sided request. Be open to compromise and alternative solutions.


Stay Professional and Positive:

Keep the conversation professional and positive, avoiding negativity or comparisons with colleagues.


Listen and Reflect:

Be open to your manager’s perspective and feedback. Listen attentively and take their considerations into account.


Follow-Up in Writing:

Summarise your discussion in an email, outlining agreed-upon points, to ensure clarity and serve as a reference for future discussions.


Remember, asking for a pay rise is a conversation that requires preparation, confidence, and a clear demonstration of your value to the company.

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7th Day of IG Recruitmas

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