Anglia Ruskin University Technology Fair

I had the privilege of attending the Anglia Ruskin University Technology Fair. This event turned out to be an excellent platform to connect with students from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds, all with a keen interest in the tech industry.


The fair was specifically targeted to ARU students across various fields, including Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Software Engineering, Games Design, Development, Programming, and Art. The diversity of students and the spectrum of technology-related programs they represented truly showcased the potential talent pool we have access to.


What struck me the most during this event was the students’ enthusiasm and knowledge. They exhibited a level of passion and expertise that was truly commendable. It was evident that Anglia Ruskin’s technology programs are nurturing top-tier talent. Engaging with these students allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of their aspirations and the skills they are looking to acquire as they embark on their tech careers.


Moreover, our presence at the fair provided an invaluable platform to discuss career opportunities and internships available at our company. The students were eager to learn more about potential roles and how they could fit into our organisation. It’s events like these that enable us to establish connections with Anglia Ruskin’s tech students and graduates, well before they even apply for positions.


This early interaction provides us with the opportunity to identify and nurture promising talent, and I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead as a result of our participation in this technology fair.v

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Anglia Ruskin University Technology Fair

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