1st Day of IG Recruitmas

On the First Day of Techmas, My Recruiter Gave to Me: Optimising Job Descriptions Strategically


Keywords Mastery: Identify and incorporate relevant keywords that resonate with your target audience and match the skills you’re looking for.


Clarity is Key: Craft clear and concise job descriptions to ensure candidates understand the role, responsibilities, and expectations.


Inclusive Language: Use inclusive language to attract a diverse range of candidates, fostering a more dynamic and innovative work environment.


Highlight Company Culture: Showcase your company’s values, culture, and mission to attract candidates who align with your organisation’s ethos.


Tech-Friendly Formatting: Optimise your job descriptions for online readability, ensuring they are easily accessible and appealing on various devices.


Showcase Growth Opportunities: Illustrate potential career paths and development opportunities within your organisation to attract ambitious and driven candidates.


Quantify Expectations: When possible, provide specific metrics and performance expectations to give candidates a clear understanding of what success looks like.


Benefits Clarity: Clearly outline your organisation’s perks and benefits, from healthcare packages to professional development opportunities.


Visual Appeal: Use visuals like icons or logos to break up text and make the job description visually engaging.


Mobile Optimisation: Ensure your job descriptions are mobile-friendly, recognising that many candidates browse opportunities on smartphones and tablets.


Interactive Elements: Consider incorporating interactive elements like videos or quizzes to make the job description more engaging and informative.


Feedback Loop: Encourage feedback from current employees to continuously refine and improve your job descriptions based on their experiences and insights.

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1st Day of IG Recruitmas

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